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Evolution, synergy, improvement and learning are our key root to provide a new point of view in a competitive world where the requirements are the greatest. All of these began in 2013 when UPGROWTH MECHANICAL & ENGINEERING was founded by people coming from motorsports and engineering development that focus their experiences into motorbike racing projects. In those early days, we were involved in developing gauges, jigs and calibration tools, engine performance and racing parts. Recently, we added a new branch by developing our Motorbike Racing Software, UPTOOL.

Our aim is to bring to the racing teams and suppliers the new innovation concepts. The UPGROWTH MECHANICAL & ENGINEERING team is the blend between the mechanical knowledge and the engineering development, defining our approach to work and our spirit. UPGROWTH TEAM are experts in design, development, simulation, programming, validation and testing as well as setting up motorcycles and performance prototypes. Working in cooperation with experienced official teams are involved to achieve our project objective. Our experiences add several years in the manufacturing and racing environment and this constant connection and feedback makes us improve with every project.

Uptool – Make Your Job Easier

Uptool Skills


We developed this software thinking how to make your job easier. The software works only with one button. We designed it just for the users.

Make Me Think Faster

We worked really hard to give you the most easy as possible. Trying to make your job easier.

Custom Appearance

You could appreciate how easy, simply and insightful our software resolves all your necessities and request without complex and difficult processes.

Personalize your Interface

We can personalize the software with your colors and your corporative image. This is a good choice for factory or manufactories.

Calculation Accuracy

Measuring precise points from the parts of the bike we define a CAD and we introduce it into the software to obtain more precision results.

Standard/Your Own Bikes

Actually, UPGROWTH team we have more than 15 different bikes, you can choose from our database or we can measure your bike. Using the database you can manage different configurations or bikes with the same software.

Language for Everyone

UPTOOL is managing 3 different languages English, Spanish or Italian. You can choose depending on your skills.

Don't you understand it?

Do you understand the software? Do you need other language? Do you feel confortable with your mother tongue? We have a solution for you.

Support Service

You will have a technical support for all your requirements. We are connected via mail, phone or face-to-face.

Where are you?

We are constantly working around the world. We can meet in anyplace that you need to give you the best technical support. We are working from Barcelona, Frankfurt and Málaga.


We want to give you the best upgrade. We are working to improve our software and we need your feedback.

Special Service

If you need a special module or you need a special complement for your activity, we are ready to modify, adapt and personalize the software to your fancy.

 Uptool Screenshots

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Check this tutorial and see how easy is to work with our Racing Software. 

Team Members

 Carlos Urbán

 I am a versatile and creative mechanical and electronics engineer with special focus on vehicle systems. I consider myself as a hardworking, analytical and well-organized person. I have high communication skills which make me have an easy and fast integration in a team working. My experiences make myself an independent, ambitious and responsible worker.

 Ricardo González-Carrascosa

 I am Industrial Engineer passionate in the world of Motorsport. I consider myself a hardworking, organized and capable of problem solving person. From my experience I consider myself independent, ambitious and responsible in my work. Actually, I’m working in the WSSP Championship.

 Ricard Prat

 My experience in various fields of automotive engineering ranging from concept to application, would make me an especially good contribution. I have developed important personal skills such as working in different teams, under pressure and with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. My communication abilities are useful attributes for this team.

Who Are We

 Philosophy We Strive For

It is said that some engineers didn’t know how to put their hands-on to fix something, and the mechanics didn’t have the knowledge to design a new part. But our objective is to break with this kind topics. We are a group of friends, mechanicals technician and engineers, to join our energies and synergies to strive for a fresh concept of the classic mechanical and engineers points of view. Learning in every step, we fight to acquire new skills and aptitudes to growth up and finally will be a better professionals.

Our experience over several years working the manufacturing and racing motorbike environment makes us improve in every project. The aim is to bring to the racing teams and suppliers the very latest innovations. We have been present at the FIM World Championship, SBK World Championship, World Rally Car Championship, FIM CEV Repsol Championship, RedBull Rookies CUP and TT Isle of Man.

 Skills We Use


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